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The main objective of the study of our group are Dynamical Systems in general, with particular attention to problems related to Celestial Mechanics and Computational Dynamics . This group combines qualitative and quantitative studies using analytical and numerical techniques. In recent years we have placed special emphasis on the following research lines:
  • Development and improvement of numerical methods for solving Ordinary Differential Equations related with Dynamical Systems issues. Taylor series method and variants.
  • Study of families of periodic orbits and their bifurcations. Construction of "skeletons" of periodic orbits.
  • Development of fast techniques to detect chaos.
  • Celestial Mechanics: n-body problem. Perturbed Keplerian system. Families of periodic orbits. Applications to Astrodynamics.
  • Study of the dynamics of chemical reactions. Perturbation techniques.
  • Low-dimensional dissipative systems. Study of parametric dependence.
 Roberto Barrio Gil (Coordinator)
 Alberto Abad Medina
 Mercedes Arribas Jiménez
 Fernando Blesa Moreno
 Antonio Elipe Sánchez
 Sebastián Ferrer Martínez
 Luis Floría Gimeno
 María Begoña Melendo Pardos
 Manuel Palacios
 Andrés Riaguas Guedán
 Marcos Rodríguez Rodríguez
 Juan Félix San Juan Díaz
 Sergio Serrano
 Eva Tresaco Vidaller
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