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The main research items of the group of dynamical systems are: • The study and classification of Morse-Smale flows on three dimensional manifolds. • Numerical analysis of differential equations. Development of geometric numerical methods for integration. • Applications of these techniques to problems of Celestial Mechanics. • Development of applications of the dynamical systems to geometry, in connection with the group of singularities and differential topology of the University of Valencia. • Study of the dynamics of numerical methods.
 Pura Vindel Cañas (Coordinator)
 Ana Maria Arnal Pons
 Sergio Blanes Zamora
 Beatriz Campos Sancho
 Jordi Canela Sánchez
 Fernando Casas Pérez
 Cristina Chiralt Monleón
 Alicia Cordero Barbero
 Juan José Nuño Ballesteros
 Juan R Torregrosa
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