Title DYNAMICS AND MISSION DESIGN NEAR LIBRATION POINTS Volume III: Advanced Methods for Collinear Points
Author/s G. Gómez, A. Jorba, J. Masdemont and C. Simó
Year 2001
Publisher World Scientific
ISBN 978-981-02-4211-4

This book studies several problems related to the analysis of planned or possible spacecraft missions. It is divided into four chapters. The first chapter is devoted to the computation of quasiperiodic solutions for the motion of a spacecraft near the equilateral points of the Earth-Moon system. The second chapter gives a complete description of the orbits near the collinear point, L1, between the Earth and the Sun in the restricted three-body problem (RTBP) model. In the third chapter, methods are developed to compute the nominal orbit and to design and test the control strategy for the quasiperiodic halo orbits. In the last chapter, the transfer from the Earth to a halo orbit is studied.