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 Topics in Complex Dynamics 2017
Topics in Complex Dynamics 2017 ( 22 de Mayo del 2017 )

This is the seventh edition of the school "Topics in complex dynamics" at Universitat de Barcelona organized by the group of holormophic dynamics (HoloDyn).

The school consists of three courses of 4.5 hours each and short talks by participants. The courses are intended for graduate students or recent Ph.D’s, and cover important tools in complex dynamics, starting from an introductory level. The afternoons are reserved for student talks, where they may present their work, either finished or in progress. Everybody interested is welcome to attend.

For this 2017 edtion we are pleased to announce that the three main courses will be

Inner functions
Artur Nicolau
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona,
Bellaterra, Catalonia

A survey of dynamics for functions in the Eremenko-Lyubich class
David Sixmith
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Random complex dynamics
Anna Zdunik
Institute of Mathematics, University of Warsaw, Poland

Due to the spanish holiday of October 12th, we have been forced to move the dates of the school to the week before: 2-6, October 2017.

Please note that you should register before July 1st if you plan to ask for financial support.