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 FPI predoctoral grand
web ( 16 de Septiembre del 2014 )

FPI predoctoral grand associated to the Spanish research project MTM2013-41168: "ASPECTOS TEORICOS Y COMPUTACIONALES DE LOS SISTEMAS DINAMICOS Y SUS APLICACIONES"

The candidates must have a degree and a master of 60 European credits (or equivalents) preferably in Mathematics. They must have a good background in dynamical systems and knowledge of a programming language.

The project is in dynamical systems, in particular deals on the study of invariant objects and its invariant manifolds and their dynamical implications. The project will focus on dynamics of 4D symplectic maps. More information in “Ayudas para contratos predoctorales para la formación de doctores 2014” inside the web
The application must be done online in the previous web

Death line for applications: September 26 at 15:00

The admission to the doctorate of the University may be delivered a little bit later (during the “subsanacion” period)

Contact person: Ernest Fontich