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 Postdoc positions in Trondheim
 ( 10 de Febrero del 2012 )

Up to 4 post.doc.-fellowships for 3 years with 33% teaching and other duties are vacant at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. A post.doc.-fellowship is intended to give candidates holding a PhD-degree a possibility for further research on an advanced level. At the Department of Mathematical Sciences research on an internationally high level within the main disciplines algebra, analysis, differential equations and numerical analysis, geometry/ topology, and statistics is conducted. Part of the research is also done in close cooperation with other fields of science and technology within NTNU as well as in cooperation with industry and external research institutions. The Department of Mathematical Sciences wants to support the best candidates and therefore makes no restriction on the field of research except that it has to be within the main subjects of the department as mentioned above. The application must contain a short project description written in conjunction with one of the research groups at the department. Strategic considerations may be taken in the final distribution of post.doc.-fellows between the disciplines. Strong applicants in topology and functional analysis are encouraged to apply. The post.doc.-fellows will be part of the Department for Mathematical Sciences at NTNU and will have their workplace there. See: Applicants who do not speak a Scandinavian language have to document eminent knowledge in English (with TOEFL score 600 or better). The applicants must hold a PhD-degree within one of the research areas of the department (algebra, analysis, differential equations and numerical analysis, geometry/topology, or statistics) or have reached an equivalent level of education and research before being employed as a post.doc.-fellow. For further information, please contact Professor Sverre O. Smalø, phone. (+47) 73 59 17 50, or by e-mail: